Guoyi Zhang

Malacologist, Minimalist, Archer

Range of Research Interests

The research interests contain taxonomy, biogeography and phylogeny of terrestrial Mollusca. Hooked on the Taxonomy of terrestrial Malacology, Zhang mainly works on Camaenidae in China and adjacent regions using morphological and molecular methods.





Meeting Abstracts

  • Zhang G. 2022. Bradybaeninae snails from East Asia are less diverged than other Camaenidae. World Congress of Malacology, Munich, Germany.
  • Zhang G, Hu Y, Drobot V, Staal J, Yi Y, Elliot MG. 2022. BioArchLinux: bioinformatics community with Arch Linux. Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, Madison, US.
  • Zhang G, Prozorova L.A. 2019. What is Acusta Martens in Albers (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Helicoidea)?. The 2nd International Conference on Northeast Asia Biodiversity, Baishan, China.
  • Zhang G. 2019. Distribution of Bradybaeninae in Shandong and Geographical History of Shandong. Shandong Zoological Society 2019 Annual Meeting, Jinan, China. [Chinese]


  • Member of the Chinese Malacological Society.
  • Member of the Russian Far East Malacological Society.
  • Member of the Willi Hennig Society.
  • Member of the International Society for Computational Biology.


Tech Devices

  • Arch Linux PC
  • Android 11 ( PixelExperience Plus 11.0 ) & Arch ARM MobilePhone
  • Arch Linux VPS
  • Arch Linux ROCKPIX



GuoyiZhang at malacology.net

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Helix is the first genus of animals named by Linné, also the symbol of Gastropoda. Likewise, Helix contains a wealth of meanings in either in Chinese or English. This web theme is about Malacology, therefore, we use this name.